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Mental wellbeing in COVID-19 and beyond - how you can help others

60 mins 1 CPD Hours

Leaders need to be able to help their people through this crisis, especially...

Occupational health and safety in the home office

60 mins 1 CPD Hours

Join OH&S experts who will provide guidance on ensuring that the home working...

How to handle difficult conversations in the workplace

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Occupational health and safety in the home office

60 mins
1 CPD Hours

Webinar COVID-19  Business operations

Live webinar: June 24, 12 - 1:00 pm

COVID-19 has fast-tracked the trend of working from home. Given that large numbers of employees are now well established in their home working environments, discussion has turned to this being a regular practice once the social distancing requirements have eased.

This session will draw upon the expertise of occupational, health and safety experts who will provide guidance on ensuring that the home working environment is safe, comfortable and compliant with workplace health and safety legislation.

The session will address:

  • Employer obligations under workplace health and safety law
  • Maintaining a safe home office environment
  • Important elements of workstation setup and ergonomic requirements

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Sue Chennell, Director, Shared Safety and Risk

Sue started professional life as a Physiotherapist and quickly moved into working with elite sports teams and professional athletes where maximising individual and team performance was always the goal.

When sore thumbs drew her into injury prevention and ergonomics, Sue quickly saw that the workplace was not dissimilar to the sports field. Creating healthy and safe workspaces and people not only amplify human potential but also that of teams and organisations more broadly.

Fast forward 17 years in the health and safety industry and as Director of the bespoke consultancy Shared Safety and Risk, Sue’s passions still lie in people. Observing, collaborating with and coaching individuals, teams and her clients to solve problems and integrate health and safety management into the day to day.

Sue’s other passions are the ocean, the environment, taking the odd (calculated) risk and adventuring with her young family. 

As a skilled people manager, Sue has built an experienced, mature yet dynamic team of associate WHS consultants committed to Shared Safety Risk’s collaborative approach.

Melinda Wassell, Chief Health Informatics Officer, Work Healthy Australia

Mel is a Senior Clinician with extensive experience onsite as a chiropractor and injury management consultant. Mels leadership and depth of knowledge across many aspects of the business specifically OHS, strategic HR and training is vital to continue to drive the business’s digital health services and create solutions for our clients.

Mel has a passion for analysing data to drive development of tools for our clients, as well as clinical decision support for clinicians which drives quality throughout our service.

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