Princess Navarro

Founding Director, INSUPER SOLUTIONS

Princess is the Founding Director of INSUPER SOLUTIONS.  A business created to help financial service organisations implement changes brought about by regulatory, code of practice reforms and product changes to insurance in Superannuation.  Princess also recently joined MLC Insurance, managing In Force Retail Insurance and Mature Term products.

With over 30 years of combined Group and Retail insurance experience, Princess is known for forging strong relationships with her industry peers and serving in a number of industry working group committees, including AIST’s Insurance Symposium Committee, tasked with insurance issues, reforms and strategic developments.

A strong advocate of insurance, Princess is passionate about developing people and the community’s understanding of the value of insurance in their Superannuation. She contributes through speaking at conferences, responsibly curated social media posts, including videos on her YouTube channel, The Insuperable Princess.  For more information about her work, check out her LinkedIn details.