Geoff Brailey

Social Researcher, Strategic Advisor & Lead Solutions Designer, McCrindle

Geoff Brailey is a social researcher, strategic advisor and Lead Solution Designer at the internationally recognised McCrindle. As an experienced researcher, Geoff understands how evidence-based insights can inform strategy and help organisations to thrive amidst change.

From his experience in solving business problems using research, Geoff has assisted organisations to identify new target markets and improve engagement levels with staff, donors and customers. As Lead Solution Designer at McCrindle, Geoff regularly develops strategic recommendations that guide CEOs, business leaders, managers and teachers to communicate the trends and shape the culture.

Geoff integrates research statistics with visualised storytelling in his highly engaging presentations. He has presented to organisations across the education, aged care, real estate, government and NFP sectors. As a gifted communicator and passionate researcher, his experience ranges from speaking to large audiences, to board rooms briefings and executive level strategic workshops.

Geoff brings positivity, curiosity and strategic insights from the latest trends impacting Australia and provides practical ways to respond to the trends at an organisational and individual level.