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Better outcomes for First Nations members

30 mins 0.50 CPD Hours

How can superannuation funds better improve outcomes for First Nations...

Creating value through sustainable investing

60 mins 1 CPD Hours

Asset owners and managers have a responsibility to invest in a way that...

Closing the cyber security knowledge gap

60 mins 1 CPD Hours

Explore the latest cyber threats – including those posed by COVID-19 – and...

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Creating value through sustainable investing

60 mins
1 CPD Hours

Asset owners and managers have a responsibility to invest in a way that ensures a sustainable environment for future generations. Against the backdrop UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, this session will discuss how objectives around climate, energy and water can be incorporated into investment portfolios across a range of assets. The session will also provide an investment case-study on clean water solutions helping communities. 


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Olivia Albrecht, Head of ESG Business Strategy, PIMCO

Ms. Albrecht is an executive vice president in the product strategy group in Newport Beach as the head of PIMCO's ESG (environmental, social, and governance) business strategy. Previously, she led the firm's global fixed income business within the product strategy group. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2011, she worked in private equity at Cerberus Capital Management in Frankfurt, Germany. She has also held positions at Lockheed Martin, Mubadala Development Corporation in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and the U.S. Department of Defense. She holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, along with a master's degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and an undergraduate degree from Princeton University. Ms. Albrecht was a member of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Orange County Board of Directors from 2012–2014.

Anurag Bajpayee, Chief Executive Officer, Gradiant Corporation (USA)

Anurag Bajpayee is the co-founder and CEO of Gradiant Corporation. Under his leadership, Gradiant has evolved from a technology start-up into a global brand with diversified applications and multiple divisions around the world. Prior to founding Gradiant, Anurag earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT where he worked on industrial desalination and water treatment. His doctoral work was recognized by the Scientific American as a top 10 world changing idea and is now part of Gradiant’s technology portfolio.

Anurag has co-authored seminal journal articles and holds several patents in the field of water treatment. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri and a Masters from MIT. In 2019, Anurag was named one of MIT Technology Review’s 35 Innovators under 35 in recognition of his innovative work to treat the world’s most contaminated water and make desalination more efficient.

Bob Mumgaard, Chief Executive Officer, Commonwealth Fusion Systems (USA)

Bob received his PhD in plasma physics at MIT, focusing his work on how to accelerate fusion energy towards a zero-carbon future.  As CEO and co-founder of Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) he leads the company strategy and technology development.  Fusion offers a transformational energy generation technology that produces no emissions or long-lived waste.  With limitless and equitably distributed fuel this energy technology offers a radical shift in humanity's relationship with energy and the environment.  CFS is developing fusion energy based on new novel superconducting magnets coupled with the established science built from decades of research by the world's governments. With a goal to commercialize fusion energy soon enough to make a difference.

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