Saker Nusseibeh CBE

Chief Executive Officer, International, Federated Hermes (UK)

Saker is CEO of the international business of Federated Hermes, appointed November 2011, having joined in June 2009 as CIO. He is a member of the Federated Hermes Executive team. Prior to this, Saker was Global Head of Equities at Fortis Investments, having been CIO Global Equities since 2005. Before this, he was CIO of Global Equities and Head of Marketing for SGAM UK, following SGAM’s acquisition of Trust Company of the West, where Saker was an MD running global and international strategies, and the London office. He started his career at Mercury AM in 1987.

Saker is founder of the 300 Club and was an inaugural member of the CFA Institute’s Future of Finance Advisory Council 2013-2019. He is a member of the IIRC Council, the FCA-PRA Climate Financial Risk Forum, the UN Environmental Programme Financial Initiative Steering Committee, the Banking Standards Board, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and the UN Business and Human Security Initiative Advisory Board.