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Trustee Director Course

Build your expertise, the foundation level of AIST’s Trustee Director Course provides directors and fund executives in superannuation with a comprehensive overview and understanding of the trustee director role.

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Who should register?

The Trustee Director Course (TDC1) builds a comprehensive grounding in trustee director duties and obligations, fund operations, risk frameworks, financial statements, investment principles and the workings of the board. It lays the groundwork to ensure that you have the requisite knowledge to undertake a new director role in the superannuation sector. TDC1 will also be of value if you are an executive or a manager needing to understand governance issues in depth.


To obtain the full 60 CPD hours assessments must be completed for each module and for the course overall. The assessment requirements will be outlined on the first day of the course.

Additional information on CPD is available here.

Further information on the assessment will be outlined on the first day of the course or you can contact [email protected] for information.


Learning outcomes

  • Understand the duties and obligations of Australian trustee directors
  • Confidently represent member's best interest
  • Understand governance and ethical expectations and considerations
  • Understand how super fund boards work and how to improve board effectiveness
  • Financial literacy
  • Capacity to analyse investment strategies
  • Put course content into practice in a capstone ‘mock’ board meeting


20 October 2021 - 18 November 2021
8:45 am - 12:30 pm AEDT
Program schedule can be found here.

Topics will include

  • Describe key elements of superannuation policy and tax
  • Understand key elements of trust structures
  • Know the different types of funds and benefits
  • Awareness of industry challenges
  • Outline trustee obligations under the prudential supervision model
  • Understand scope and elements of legal obligations of trustee directors
  • Build awareness of requirements to uphold reputation of the fund
  • Awareness of member communication and disclosure protocols
  • Familiarisation with the complaint handling process
  • Understand how to take actions that are aligned with member interests
  • Identify the different elements of superannuation fund operations
  • Outline key parameters within which superannuation funds operate
  • Explain key elements of the framework for how operational risks are managed
  • Understand key issues relating to the provision of financial advice
  • Describe the roles of trustee directors in risk management
  • Outline the steps involved in the risk management process
  • Identify the risk management framework
  • Understand the risk appetite statement
  • Understand the role of risk culture
  • Be familiar with a set of emerging industry risks
  • Be able to explain the key concepts in financial accounting
  • Be able to analyse the fund’s financial statements
  • Understand the financial framework for the operation of a fund
  • Describe the characteristics of common asset classes used by superannuation funds
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of investment principles
  • Understand portfolio implementation and monitoring
  • Demonstrate knowledge of board structures and procedures, governing documentation
  • Understand effective ways of contributing in meetings
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of conflicts in relation to the trustee director role
  • Understand trustee director liabilities
  • Applying knowledge of the governance framework taught in the course
  • Understanding of a set of real-life challenges/decisions facing trustee directors
  • Practicing problem solving in a governance context
  • Gaining new insights from fellow trustee directors

Important notes

This course is also available to in-house groups. If you wish to conduct an in-house digital session please contact AIST Education to arrange a suitable time on (03) 8677 3800 or [email protected] 


Kyle Loades

Chair, LGS, Director, Credit Union Australia

15 May, 2020

The superannuation sector-specific policy coverage and the investment module were particularly valuable; having industry experts who discuss how things work in practice as well as covering the theory works really well.

Jessica Hall

Tax Manager, Group Tax, AustralianSuper

19 September, 2019

The practical trustee boardroom skills and superannuation knowledge is enriched with the interactive discussions and valuable insights shared by all of the facilitators and participants.

Rob Potter

Trustee Director, Care Super, and National Secretary, ASU

1 May, 2020

The use of technology was excellent, and the breakout room feature worked particularly well; the half-day modular format over 4 weeks allowed me to be available to do my critical work and complete the course.

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