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CPD Up to 50

Trustee Director Course (Advanced)

AIST’s Trustee Director Course (Advanced) is designed for experienced trustee directors and is a step up from the Trustee Director Course Build Your Expertise. This contemporary course will further enhance your effectiveness in the boardroom.

You can register for individual modules, or take advantage of the 10% discount that applies to full course registration.

Sharpen your
decision-making skills

Improve your ability to
lead board discussions

Provide strategic
direction & governance.

The structure of the course has been informed by discussions with APRA regarding trustee director skills and the rapidly evolving business environment for funds.

The Trustee Director Course (Advanced) has a focus on developing the competencies of the board as a collegiate body which robustly debates issues before taking decisions in the best interest of members.

Who should register?

The course is designed for trustee directors with three or more years of trustee board experience and fund senior executives who seek deeper superannuation-specific board skills, knowledge and experience.  It will benefit those who are taking up or aspiring to chair positions or roles within the board and board committees and those who want to continue to improve their skills and knowledge base.



Participants can undertake individual modules in investment, risk, strategy and/or board culture and governance or complete all five modules and earn the post-nominal of GAIST (Adv.)  - Graduate of Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees Advanced Trustee Director’s Course.

To obtain the full 50 CPD hours assessments must be completed for each module and for the course overall. The assessment requirements will be outlined on the first day of the course.

Additional information on CPD is available here.


Learning outcomes

  • Build in depth knowledge of investment governance frameworks and ensure you focus on what’s important, including understanding the nuances of the latest regulatory changes
  • Know how to take your risk culture to the next level
  • Improve your capacity regarding technology and outsourcing risk governance
  • Enhance your skills regarding investment governance including stress testing and the oversight of ESG, including climate related risks and opportunities
  • Enhance your ability to guide the strategic direction of the fund and improve member outcomes
  • Build your capacity to contribute to good decision making in potential fund mergers


Trustee Director Dinner

After meeting and working with your TDC peers virtually, this networking dinner is an opportunity to catch up with peers and build relationships in an informal setting. Attendees will have the chance to talk with trustee director course participants as well as TDC alumni and senior AIST staff representatives. It will be a great opportunity to talk about what is happening in the industry, share experience and knowledge. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity.

Please note: Registration for the Trustee Director Dinner is open to participants of the corresponding Trustee Director course only. Full course participants are automatically registered as part of their enrolment.



Virtual Classroom & Sydney

22 November 2023 - 21 March 2024 

View the course schedule here. Please read our T&Cs before registering.


Virtual Classroom & Melbourne

29 July 2024 - 10 September 2024 

View the course schedule here. Please read our T&Cs before registering.



Topics will include

Topics include:

  • Leading practice board processes including board assessment, performance evaluation and committee design
  • Culture including board-CEO/management relations and intra-board dynamics
  • Decision-making frameworks
  • APRA governance, culture and accountability reviews

By the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Bring up-to-date knowledge on board culture and governance to the board table
  • Apply leading practice board processes which are fit for purpose
  • Apply decision-making frameworks to enhance board effectiveness and member outcomes
  • Contribute to a positive and engaged board culture
  • Manage difficult relationships

Topics include:

  • What does risk governance, including reporting, look like when it is working well?
  • Case studies on a modified risk report and the connection of risk and member outcomes
  • Emerging risk issues
  • Reflections on risk governance approaches with a CRO or a chair of a fund risk committee
  • Technology risk deep dive and case study
  • Vendor risk management deep dive and case study

By the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Analyse the maturity of your three lines of defense
  • Elevate your risk culture to the next level
  • Ensure that risk management is appropriately embedded into decision making
  • Encourage excellence in board risk reporting and ensure risk committee meetings are effective
  • Oversee technology risks – what board members need to be on top of
  • Anticipate and oversee the range of current and emerging vendor risks​

Topics include:

Day 2 deep dive: Investment governance frameworks and how to ensure you focus on what’s important in turbulent times

  • Investment governance arrangements:  effective decision making and efficient delegation
  • Emerging trends in portfolio implementation and monitoring: stress testing/scenario analysis, liquidity management and valuations
  • Decision-making in the best financial interest of members as the regulatory environment changes

Day 2 deep dive: lifting the bar on environmental, social and governance (ESG) and climate change related (CCR) risks

  • The regulator’s view on ESG/CCR risk: current and future guidance
  • Member and stakeholder expectations
  • Establishing investment beliefs that specifically relate to ESG and/or CCR risks
  • Developing an ESG/Responsible Investment (RI) roadmap

By the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Analyse the key components of an investment governance framework including fund investment philosophy and beliefs
  • Assess the appropriateness of the investment governance arrangements
  • Enhance portfolio implementation and monitoring, especially in key areas of stress testing and liquidity management
  • Apply ESG and climate change policy design considerations and trade-offs
  • Develop a fit-for-purpose ESG/RI roadmap
  • Consider trade-offs for investment manager remuneration structures
  • Oversee the selection and assessment of investment managers including when to terminate an underperforming manager
  • Implement effective investment committee operation, including how to manage investment committee agendas, meetings and papers


Topics include:

  • Enhance the board’s contribution to strategy and planning
  • When and how to consider an M&A
  • How to foster strategic conversations
  • The changing superannuation landscape and implications for strategy (including demographic change and implications from policy changes)
  • Inputs and processes for effective strategic decision-making regarding products and services
  • Strategy implementation, measurement, and monitoring

By the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Ensure role clarity between board and management in strategy formulation, implementation, and monitoring
  • Leverage the range of strategy tools to effectively assess competition, market dynamics & the business environment
  • Oversee an effective merger process​
  • (Trustee Director networking dinner)

This module will:

  • Put into practice what you have learned
  • Consist of a mock board meeting which will include decision-making about a set of complex issues and a reflection

By the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Consolidate the lessons from the course into practical decision-making
  • Improve your capacity to understand and shape board outcomes
  • Practice techniques to manage difficult conversations​

Important notes

This course is also available to in-house groups. Please contact AIST Education to arrange a suitable time at training@aist.asn.au


Need help? Contact AIST Education at training@aist.asn.au or fill out our form below.

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Ray Burton PSM, GAIST (Adv.)

Trustee Director, Brighter Super

29 June, 2022

The range of topics covered in each of the four modules are relevant to the current challenges facing the superannuation sector. The course was professionally managed, and the format allowed good interaction and networking across the participants. The learnings from this course have been a welcome and timely addition to my superannuation knowledge and will assist me in adding value in my board role.

Well done AIST.

Ros Heit

Former Trustee Director, Brighter Super

6 November, 2022

The Advanced Trustee Director Course was comprehensive and relevant. The materials were contemporary and invoked great discussion with fellow participants. The facilitators were knowledgeable and helpful. I found the course very useful and would recommend it for any trustee director wanting to take their learning to the next level.