Leading people through successful organisational change

Designed for leaders and emerging leaders, this workshop is centred around why organisational transformation fails. With the guidance of a SuperFriend workplace wellbeing consultant, you will explore the most common mistakes, the necessary conditions for change and how it impacts organisations and employee wellbeing. You will also examine the principles behind a best practice approach to positive change and learn how to apply practical strategies that support productivity and maintain performance throughout the transformation.

Learning Outcomes and Key Participant Takeaways

Organisations are responsible for managing the process of change, but it should never get to a point where this is prioritised over people. Even the most well-planned and well-resourced change process can fail because people resist rather than adapt to it. This workshop focuses on leading the people-side of change to promote the success of organisational transformation across diverse environments.

By the end of the session, you will have a simple and practical model for understanding the psychology of change and the value of employee engagement along with a method for creating compassion, openness, and support.

Through group activities, you’ll identify a framework that will help you underpin successful change in your organisation and identify employee capability uplift opportunities. You’ll also participate in awareness building exercises that can be used to promote further discussions back in the workplace, resulting in a focus on people over process to successfully manage organisational change.


Our SME consultants for this course are SuperFriend, who represent the superannuation and life insurance industries through a number of mental health and financial services strategic alliances and forums aimed at driving practical systems change (including at a policy level) in mental health, Australia-wide.

SuperFriend designs and delivers mental health initiatives that enable workplaces to thrive.

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