Event Date
Tue 07 Dec 2021
10:00am - 1:00pm  AEDT
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APRA’s Evolving approach to Supervising Governance, Culture, Remuneration and Accountability

- Are you a Trustee Director or a senior risk or governance manager?
- Are you confident you understand your responsibilities in relation to GCRA?
- Are you familiar with the 10 dimensions of risk culture and how to ensure your fund is leveraging them?
- Is your fund prepared for APRA’s risk governance self-assessments that are coming in 2022?

Key questions such as these and others will be addressed in this seminar. You will:

  • Gain insight on the changing nature of APRA's approach to governance, culture, remuneration and accountability (GCRA)
  • Learn how to advance your fund along the maturity pathway on GCRA-related issues
  • Work in breakout rooms with other fund representatives on a case study
  • Hear from experts about the most up-to-date risk management developments and techniques so that your fund is prepared for what is coming down the pipeline from APRA regarding GCRA in 2022.

Given the increasing focus of APRA on these core issues, this is a session not to be missed!


Our SME consultants for this course are Rhizome, a specialist risk transformation firm that delivers smart and effective solutions to current and emerging risk management challenges. Their practice is expert-led, providing foresight and clarity by connecting insights between and within different risk types. Rhizome works with executives and boards to transform the way risk is managed, enabling better outcomes for all stakeholders.