community of like-minded professionals
working in the superannuation industry


Young Super Network (YSN)

AIST’s Young Super Network (YSN) is an organised community of like-minded professionals working in the superannuation industry.

YSN allows professionals to expand their networks with members from a wide variety of roles within superannuation and the broader financial industry.

Each year YSN hosts social, educational and professional development events across various states in Australia – facilitating open and creative discussion of current and future industry issues with high calibre guest speakers. 

AIST’s Young Super Network is led by a representative committee in each state.


Young Super Network (YSN) membership is suitable for all fund professionals working across the profit-to-member superannuation industry.

The network is also ideal for other professionals working in superannuation services such as administration, investment management and consulting services that interact with funds.

It's free for AIST members to join YSN and the majority of events - with the exception of a few social events - are complimentary. You can check out our AIST member list if you're unsure if you're an AIST member or not.

If you wish to join Young Super Network please complete the sign up form here.

There are many benefits to joining the YSN whether you are just starting out in your career, fairly established and wanting the extra edge or perhaps you’ve switched industries and new to superannuation.

Network in real life: YSN has a diverse range of gatherings that provide the chance to make impressions live and in colour.

Gain knowledge: YSN events cover a range of hot topics and will make sure you are informed on the current and future issues that impact superannuation.

Strength in numbers: Share your ideas and challenge your thinking with other motivated people.

Access to superannuation thought leaders: Hear from a who’s who of industry thought leaders who value the opportunity to provide tomorrow’s leaders with key insights and feedback.

Practice makes perfect: Make the most of opportunities to demonstrate your work ethic and qualifications beyond a practical skill set outside your normal day to day role.

“The Young Super Network is a great way to meet young, up and coming members of the financial service community. If you are thinking about joining, don't hesitate. Just do it.” Jean Francois-Combe, Telstra Super (YSN attendee)

“I find the YSN events invaluable, not only because the presenters are quite varied and of very good quality, but also the opportunity to network with others within in the industry who are at a similar stage of their careers.” Emily Seedsman, PricewaterhouseCoopers (YSN attendee)

“I was impressed by the energy and thirst for ideas of those attending the YSN event. Participation in forums such as the YSN are indicators of a drive to improve and pursue career development.” Ian Silk, Chief Executive Officer, AustralianSuper (YSN Speaker)