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Johann Ponnampalam PhD

Founder, Decision Design Behavioural Consultancy

Johann holds a PhD (System 1 & 2 thinking, Evolutionary Psychology, Choice Modelling) from Deakin University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts with first class Honours (summa cum laude) from Deakin University.

Johann founded Decision Design with the principal aim of translating hard science into practical, commercially implementable interventions to create customer, social and business impact. Johann has depth, hands-on expertise across several commercial sectors – and is an active advisor to c-suite leadership teams.

Whilst being the direct opposite of an academic, Johann holds an Adjunct Associate Professorship in Psychology at Deakin University which enables him to keep the latest breakthroughs in behavioural science at his fingertips for commercial and social application.

Johann’s rubric is defined by his family, his hobby farm and his golf handicap.