Nupur Gill

Director – Investment Management & Superannuation, Kaizen Recruitment

Nupur has nearly 5 years’ experience recruiting across the financial services industry in Australia, specifically within funds management, superannuation, insurance and treasury, with a background of working within the industry at Goldman Sachs previously and qualifications in business management, and sustainable finance.

While she specialises in recruiting across investment accounting, investment operations, finance and accounting positions, Nupur has experience in recruiting a broader range of positions within the industry including ESG/Responsible Investment positions.

In her role, she also has had the privilege to present at the Connexus Financial’s Investment Operations Conference 2021, at ASFA and to Women in Investments on a range of topics across the employment market landscape, diversity and inclusion. Nupur has also volunteered and participated in initiatives with Women in Super, FINSIA and RCSA.

Nupur continues to contribute to people’s journeys in landing their dream roles and solving problems with diligence and compassion. She has had the opportunity to forge deep industry relationships, with market specialisation and penetration across leading global and domestic businesses. This, coupled with experience working in the industry itself and a relationship-oriented mindset, has allowed her to operate with industry acumen and empathy with clients and candidates alike.

Outside of work, Nupur enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures, perusing a good book and continuously being challenged by learning new things.