Conference of Major Superannuation Funds (CMSF)

Featuring an impressive line-up of industry leaders from around the globe, CMSF 2022 is guaranteed to be an exciting and educational event. Join us to tackle all of superannuation’s biggest issues and emerging trends within member engagement, policy, investment & more.

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Keep up with an ever-changing superannuation landscape, earn CPD and get the tools you need to stay proficient in your role with our professional development opportunities. From conferences and courses to networking events and multimedia resources, we have a number of options to help you upskill in 2022.

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Assessing Death and TPD Claims

Assessing Death and TPD Claims

6 July 2022

This course gives participants the skills and knowledge to process and handle the assessment of TPD ...

Implementing a retirement income

Implementing a retirement income

7 July 2022

Join this webinar and learn how to deliver robust and competitive retirement income solutions design...

Masterclass in Insurance Claims

Masterclass in Insurance Claims

19 July 2022

This unique and comprehensive course is specifically designed to address the needs of superannuation...

AIST Super Legal, Risk and Compliance Symposium

AIST Super Legal, Risk and Compliance Symposium

20 July 2022

The AIST Legal, Risk & Compliance Symposium is a bi-annual legal, governance and compliance even...

Episode 47 – The increasing importance of natural capital for financial sector

Today we’ll be discussing what natural capital is, how accounting practices and financial disclosures have evolved in relation to it, what role the financial sector plays, and how it is evaluated, with Western Asset’s Brishni Mukhopadhyay.

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News and analysis

How to communicate with members about Retirement Income Strategies

The Retirement Income Covenant (RIC) will come into effect on 1 July 2022. By now, most superannuation funds will have finalised their strategies and will be ready to publish  summaries on their websites as the date is just days away. For many super funds this will just be an explanation in writing of something they […]

Published date: 28 Jun 2022

30 years on, Australia’s super system attracts the envy of the world

Australia’s retirement savings scheme is a global superstar. Worth $3.4 trillion, it is the fifth-largest superannuation savings system in the world, covers around 16 million Australians and provides nearly all workers with contributions from their employers at the rate of 10% of their salary. This is a stunning feat in just three decades. Back in […]

Published date: 27 Jun 2022

Net Zero Commitments – Is Australia Skilled Up?

As discussed at AIST’s recent ASI conference, recent research undertaken in Canada and Ireland has identified a growing gap between the availability of sustainable finance skills and what will be required to support growth in the field. With Australia committing to net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, do Australian leaders and managers have the […]

Published date: 24 Jun 2022