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2014 Research

Superannuation projections: A discussion paper

AIST commissioned research to consider the design and regulatory treatment of superannuation projections. The aim of the research was to explore how the value of static superannuation projections to members can be improved. The research also examines interactive superannuation calculators by way of comparison with static superannuation projections. 

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International trends and how Australia stacks up

The growing significance of superannuation - both to the members it serves and the Australian economy - underscores the importance of best practice governance of superannuation funds.

Strong trustee governance practices reduce the potential risks faced by a superannuation fund, with flow on effects for the fund's stability and sustainability. Good performance and sustainability are fundamental to optimising members' retirement benefits.

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Navigating the new MySuper landscape

AIST commissioned RiceWarner to examine the extent MySuper has delivered on its promise of improved retirement incomes, the characteristics of common MySuper investment solutions, the differences and similarities between MySuper products and "lookalike" products, and emerging trends in the evolution of MySuper products.

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Involuntary Retirement, Characteristics and Implications

AIST commissioned The Australian Centre for Financial Studies to identify cohorts who retire involuntarily.  Such cohorts would be adversely affected by any changes to preservation age and age pension age and would need policy recognition.  Since AIST commissioned the report, there has been considerable political and media discussion regarding lifting of the preservation age and the age pension age.

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