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2009 Research

Member Investment Choice & Fund

Summary: SwitchingThe global financial crisis represents the largest challenge to member confidence in the retirement income savings system since the advent of the superannuation guarantee in 1992.

AIST commissioned a research project from the Centre for Retirement Incomes and Financial Education Research at Edith Cowan University to analyse the relative performance of members' investment choices during the market downturn.

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Trustee board governance in the not-for-profit superannuation sector

Summary: The superannuation industry is critical to Australia's future, and impacts on virtually all Australian households. How the industry is governed, and who is ultimately in charge of decision making, is of key importance to regulators, members, and the wider public.

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Asset Owners Climate Change Initiatives

In 2008, AIST partnered with the Climate Institute to establish the Asset Owners Climate Change Initiative. The first stage of the initiative was a survey of asset owners, involving Australia's largest superannuation funds.

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Stage two was a survey of asset consultants

This survey reveals the opinions and capabilities of asset consultants, who advise super funds on decisions of asset allocation, on issues of climate change risk and opportunities. The results, published in September 2009.

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Fund Governance in the Representative Trustee Sector

As a body representing trustees, AIST takes a keen interest in the governance of superannuation funds. In 2008, AIST commissioned a major research project from the Workplace Research Centre at the University of Sydney to analyse the governance of not-for-profit funds, and the linkages between governance and performance.

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The project contains three extended academic papers,
which can be downloaded using the following links:

  1. Governance and Performance in Superannuation Fund Management - An Issues and Research Design Paper Download here
  2. Fund Performance in the Australian Superannation Industry Download here
  3. Agents With Too Many Principals? An Analysis of Superannuation Fund Governance in Australia Download here