Governance & Leadership

Women on Super Boards

AIST is committed to improving gender diversity on superannuation boards in the profit-to-member sector. We have set the following targets for our members and have commenced a number of initiatives to assist and support super funds toward achieving these aims. The targets are as follows:

That all profit-to-member super boards have a minimum of 20% of each gender by the end of 2013; and a minimum of 40% of each gender by 2017. Currently, the sector average sits at 27% female trustee directors.

In conjunction with Women in Super, AIST ran a series of workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne for aspiring women interested in becoming trustee directors. The workshops provided the participants with a basic understanding of superannuation, the values of the profit-to-member super industry, as well as an insight into the role of a trustee director. The workshops also offered participants the opportunity to hear from, and network with existing women directors. These events were positively received and we will continue to schedule more of these in the future.

AIST and Women in Super also conducted some qualitative research with AIST's female member directors. The purpose of the research was to understand how these women were appointed, barriers they may have faced in the appointment process and any advice they could give to other women interested in becoming a trustee director on a profit-to-member super board. 48 women in total participated in the research. Download Research
AIST and Women in Super have developed a tailored scholarship program for women interested in becoming a trustee director within the profit-to-member superannuation sector. This program combines targeted technical skill and knowledge training with networking and mentoring, to give aspiring female trustee directors the best possible chance to make a difference on their boards. Limited scholarship places were available. Click here for more information regarding the Superboard program.
Another initiative to support increased opportunities for women on super boards is our Trustee Register. Open to both men and women with an interest in serving on a profit-to-member superannuation board, this initiative is a tool that women can utilise to express their interest and increase their profile in the industry.