This course is widely considered a necessary pre-requisite certification for most roles in the superannuation industry.

To provide advice in superannuation, you must meet the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's (ASIC) Tier 1 Compliance requirements. AIST's RG146 course formally addresses the National Competency Standards, which are approved by ASIC as meeting Tier 1 compliance as defined in their Regulatory Guide 146. You can find the Regulatory Guide 146 at the following website http://www.asic.gov.au.

AIST’s RG146 for the Superannuation Industry course will increase your knowledge and skills through relevant and practical assessments. This course also provides a pathway into the FNS50715 Diploma of Superannuation.

Who should register?

This course is suitable for individuals who have recently commenced work in the superannuation industry or who are seeking to pursue a career path in the superannuation industry.


32 hours (including assessments).

Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose and structure of Australia’s superannuation system
  • Summarise the key legislation that governs the operation of superannuation funds
  • Discuss the main features of superannuation and income stream products
  • Outline the essential requirements of professional practice
  • Distinguish between general advice and personal advice

Topics include

Module 1 – The purpose of superannuation

Module 9 – Retirement income streams

Module 2 – Receiving contributions

Module 10 – Social Security

Module 3 – Paying benefits

Module 11 – Estate planning

Module 4 – Understanding your legal responsibilities

Module 12 – Professional practice

Module 5 – The Australian economic environment

Module 13 – Licensing, disclosure and communication requirements

Module 6 – Asset classes and investment vehicles

Module 14 – Determining client needs

Module 7 – Taxation

Module 15 – Conducting product research

Module 8 – Insurance

Module 16 – Providing advice to clients

Course duration

Students have up to six (6) months to successfully complete the course assessments. The six-month time frame commences from the first day of a facilitated course, or from the date of receipt of the course material for a student completing the course on a self-paced basis.

Students may need to spend up to 20 hours each week to complete their own reading, module review activities and the course assessment tasks. Students who are new to the financial services industry, or who have limited industry experience may need to spend additional time each week completing the course activities or conducting further research on topics that are not familiar to them.

Course locations

AIST courses are delivered nationally in Australian capital cities. Students will be notified of the training venue one week prior to the scheduled course date.

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