Superannuation Training

Recognition of prior learning

To ensure that the process for recognition of prior learning and recognition of current competencies is controlled and conducted in a valid, reliable and fair manner, and establish a system for individuals to be assessed as per the requirements of the Training Package/Accredited Course.

This procedure addresses Recognition of Prior Learning in the context of formal courses recognised in the Australian Qualifications Framework where the course/competency leads to an accredited qualification, and applies to all applications for Recognition of Prior Learning and Recognition of Current Competencies.

Professional Development Manager
Trainers and Assessors


  1. All students of AIST will be issued with information on RPL via Pre-Enrolment Information and the Student Handbook;
  2. Students who consider applying for RPL should contact the Professional Development Manager, who will provide a brief explanation of the process, give advice to the applicant and supply them with the Recognition of Prior Learning Information & Application Form either personally or via email;
  3. Students will then complete a form for each course they seek recognition for in either part or whole;
  4. Applicants will use the information contained within the form to conduct a self-assessment against the course learning outcomes (also to be supplied);
  5. Applicants will need to consider how they have achieved each learning outcome and if they can satisfy the performance criteria by submitting valid, sufficient, authentic and current evidence. Applications for RPL must be accompanied by written evidence gathered by the applicant;
  6. The completed application form, together with supporting documentation, and the applicable fees, are then to be forwarded to the Professional Development Manager; and
  7. The Professional Development Manager will assess the application and make a decision whether RPL is granted;
  8. Fees for RPL
    A fee for the RPL process will be agreed upon between Professional Development Manager and the client. The fee will be a pro-rata rate of the competency plus expenses incurred in the process.

Completion of RPL process

  1. The applicant will be notified within 7 days of the decision whether their application has been successful or unsuccessful or if further evidence is required.
  2. Results of successful RPL will be entered into our Student Management Database. All evidence will be appropriately filed.
  3. All results of RPL Application and Assessment will be signed off by the Professional Development Manager.
  4. All students may appeal the result of an RPL Application by submitting a complaint in writing to the CEO.

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