Conference of Major Superannuation Funds

Carbon Neutral Guide

Since 2008 AIST has been working to reduce the carbon emissions associated with the Conference of Major Superannuation Funds (CMSF). As a result, the use of paper for the delegate packs has decreased by 47.8%, this continues to be an area of strong focus at every CMSF.

Carbon emissions from powering the venue, providing food, supplying printed materials, waste generation, as well as getting to, staying at and getting home from CMSF, are calculated and offset.

AIST has implemented a range of initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint associated with CMSF including:

  • Reducing paper usage by conducting all pre-conference communication with delegates via electronic means.
  • Ensuring that waste disposal facilities within the conference venue encourage recycling.
  • Reducing the amount of materials brought to the conference.
  • Including "Please consider the environment before printing this email" on all email correspondence.
  • Promoting reduced exhibition carbon footprints through the ‘Environment’ category in the Exhibitor Awards.
  • Offsetting the carbon emissions of all delegates’ flights where offset was not already purchased by the delegate.
  • Use of X-Board for printed signage. X-Board is a new generation composite fibre board with an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio. Its closed-cell honeycomb core is manufactured from recycled craft papers and organic adhesives, making up to approximately 92% of the board. In addition, X-Board is 97% recyclable material, environmentally friendly in all aspects.
  • Conference book is printed on recycled paper using environmentally friendly inks.
  • CMSF preferred hotels are all within walking distance of the conference centre.
  • Shuttle bus services are operated post conference to get delegates back to the airport.
  • Delegates are asked to consider purchasing carbon offsets when booking flights to the conference and to use public transport or shuttle services where possible. 

CMSF Exhibitors:

At CMSF, we also encourage our exhibitors in the CMSF Central exhibition hall to consider their environmental impact.

Carbon neutral hints & tips - that we ask exhibitors to consider:

  • Reduce the number and/or size of materials you bring to CMSF.
  • Make your information available to delegates on re-usable USBs or memory sticks – i.e. do not lock them so that they cannot be used again.
  • Reduce or recycle waste during bump in, the exhibition, and bump out.
  • Limit what you bring and where possible reuse or recycle your packaging materials.
  • Where possible, provide recycled or consumable products as giveaways and avoid products made from endangered or threatened species.
  • Use the recycle bins provided at the venue.
  • Turn all equipment, lights and power off on your stand overnight.
  • Ask your technical suppliers to use technology that is energy efficient and design systems that reduce excess equipment.
  • Make use of standard hire items with minimal construction or a reusable stand design, if possible made from sustainable or reusable materials.
  • Ensure all printing and photocopying is double-sided.
  • Reduce trucks and vehicles on site, ensure trucks are full and pool resources where possible.